JAK's Nano Aquarium


Previous 125 Reef

Updated Wednesday April 25, 2012


After serious deliberation, the decision has been made to take down our 125 Reef.  Many of our inhabitants were with us for over ten years.  All that could not be moved to the Nano have found new homes in WNY.

Much has changed in the ten years since Jack & I set up the 125.  Sam is co-architect on this project (he'd say lead).  We are now utilizing 100% LED lighting as opposed to MH & VHOs.  Everything in the new aquarium uses ~half the energy of just one of the previous tank's 250 watt MH bulbs.  The lighting alone in the previous setup was 1,070 watts.  Add to that the power heads, skimmer, main pump, controllers, heaters, etc.   The industry has certainly become more energy efficient.  The options for automation and networking through the InterWebs is astonishing.

Update:  Electric bill went down over $50 since the downgrade / upgrade...


Pictures soon to be posted.

For now, here is the link to the NanoCam.

This is an older LinkSys WebCam.  If you want to take a look, I suggest you hit it with  Firefox or Safari as your browser or you may have to jump through hoops to get the correct IE certificate.  IE May work but no guarantees.

Username = "Nano"

Password = My Initials (Three Letters -- all caps)